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The VIRSTAR Geothermal Energy HVAC Group  

Specializing in Water-Source Heat Pump Systems since 1978, the VIRSTAR Geothermal Energy HVAC Group can provide a total solution, from system sizing and layout through installation supervision, for new or retrofit heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems using the latest in water source heat pumps with forced hot air, radiant floor heating, or a combination of both.  Geothermal Energy systems deliver the highest comfort at the lowest operating cost of any system available.

Our HVAC personnel have experience in residential and commercial water source heat pump system design and installation going back to 1978.  Where other companies are just now adding this "new" technology to their list of HVAC services, VIRSTAR technicians have been working in geothermal energy for over 30 years!

Whether your needs are Residential or Commercial, Call Us Today for your Free Initial System Consultation and to learn more about our capabilities.

VIRSTAR Geothermal Energy HVAC Group

  • Geothermal System Consulting
  • Conventional HVAC to Water Source Heat Pump Conversions

  • Cost vs. Payback Review

  • System Installation Supervision

  • 24x7 Availability

  • The World's Best Heat Pumps:

Hydron Module Water Source Heat Pumps

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Visit the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium website to learn more about Geothermal.

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